Thursday, April 19, 2012

National Radio of Kampuchea (Cambodia)

National Radio of Kampuchea (RNK) in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Kampuchea) was logged on 19 April 2012. A Khmer language broadcast of news and commentary was monitored from 23.00 to 00.00 UTC on 918 kHz (MW). The transmitter of this MW station is rated at 200 kW. Reception (SINPO) at 23.00 UTC was 45444 -- good signal strength with minimal fading. At 23.25 UTC reception was 35323 -- fair signal strength, with fading every 7 to 10 minutes and some heterodyning. By 00.00 UTC signal strength worsened to 25321 -- weak signal fading and increased atmospheric noise

Details of reception report follow: 
23.00 - Station ID presented by male announcer
23.02 - News (World and Cambodia) reported by female announcer
23.30 - Talking from male announcer
23.35 - Talking from female announcer
23.38 - Talking from male announcer, advertisement (?) with music under male and female announcers, mention of "Vietnam" from male announcer
23.45 - Talking from female announcer
23.46 - Talking from male and female announcers
00.00 - Time beep, followed by station ID from male announcer, then brief music and talking from female and male announcers.

For a sample of the reception quality I received at 23.00 UTC, click this SoundCloud link (here).

Reception report was sent on-line and posted. QSL email arrived on 4 May 2012.


National Radio of Kampuchea (RNK)
#6, Corner of Streets 19 102
Sangkat Wat Phnom, Doun Penh, 
Phnom Penh 12202 Cambodia


  1. Hi from Sweden. My name is Torleif Roos and my hamcall is SM6YOR. When I visited Cambodia in March 2013 RNK was off air on 918 kHz. No signal at all, just only 105,75 Mhz in the capital.
    I visited the studios in the capital and the crew told me "918 is repear".

    I found on the web this report:

    Great reception you had in Malaysia.


  2. Could you please advise the email address for Kampuchea please


    Tony Magon VK2IC

  3. Hi Tony.

    I have no valid email address for National Radio of Kampuchea; the ones I do have are not current and have bounced after repeated tries.

    It's best to try to message NRK at their FaceBook page. I submitted a reception report a few months back and they replied, but with a cursory "Thank you" or "Nice". I suspect they have no idea what a QSL card or verification letter is, even if you explain or create one for them to verify. Either that, or they have no interest in replying. I posted a report by mail too, but so far no reply.

    I was very lucky I received the above confirmation in 2012.

    Sorry, I can't be of more help.

    &3 from Malaysia.