Sunday, August 28, 2011

Radio Algerienne Internationale -- Radio Holy Qur'an

Radio Algerienne Internationale -- Holy Qur'an, transmitting from Issoudun, France, was monitored on 28 August 2011 from 18.40 to 19.58 UTC (normal broadcast time is 18:00 to 19:58 UTC) on 13.820 kHz. Signal (SINPO) at 18.40 UTC signal was 35323 -- fair reception degraded by atmospheric disturbance and fading, otherwise speech was clear and discernible. At 19.00 UTC reception worsened to 15211 due to increased QRN.

Programming in Arabic consisted of Quran recitation, nashid (Islamic religious songs) and tafsir (Quranic analysis and interpretation). 

Reception report was submitted by post and emailed from online site. Verification card is pending verification from RAI.

Radio Algerienne Internationale
Radio Coran
21 Boulevard des Martyrs
1600 Algiers, Algeria



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