Friday, June 24, 2011

Radio Nacional da Amazonia - Brazil

Registered letter
Radio Nacional da Amazonia in  Brasilia, Brazil replied today, regarding the submission of a reception report I mailed on 28 May 2011. EBC sent a registered post containing a letter and brochure about Brazil (see blog posting for 28 March 2011). While not exactly a QSL card, I suppose these items will have to suffice as verification of their station, which is something I notice other listeners have received too. 

Despite this fact, I am quite pleased to hear from EBC.  Their station is the first of two Latin American countries I have heard and/or received acknowledgement from while living in South East Asia. The other station was Radio Habana Cuba and it was all too brief -- just the faint sound of their interval a few months ago, and I am still awaiting some confirmation. 

One of the pages inside the brochure

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