Saturday, June 18, 2011

ABC Northern Territory -- Alice Springs and Katherine, Australia

ABC Northern Territory in Alice Springs, Tennant Creek and Katherine, Northern Territory was heard on 17 June 2011 UTC (18 June 2011 in Malaysia) and monitored from 21.30 to 22.15 UTC on the following frequencies: 4.835 kHz (Alice Springs) and 5.025 kHz (Katherine). Tennant Creek on 4.910 kHz was logged on 6 July 2011 from 21.40 to 22.10 UTC.  Transmitters used at these stations are rated at 50 kW. 

Signal (SINPO) on 4.835 kHz was 35323 -- fair reception at 21.30 UTC, which by 22.00 UTC was severely degraded  by increasing QRN and finally inaudible after 22.25 UTC. Signal (SINPO) on 5.025 kHz was 25212 -- much weaker reception at 22.30  UTC. Transmission also worsened as QRN increased after 22.00 UTC. By 22.15 UTC signal was extremely weak and nearly inaudible.

Programming consisted of ABC news and weather for the Northern Territory, music and a variety of community related features. 

Reception reports were submitted on-line to ABC Northern Territory in Darwin, NT and by post. I received an email from ABC noting the reception of the email, two days later. QSL cards are pending verification from respective stations.

ABC acknowledged me with the following computer generated response, each time, a few days after emailing them: "Thank you for your email to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. This automatic response is to acknowledge that your mail has been received and has been allocated the reference number C26081-11. Note that a detailed reponse to your mail, if one has been requested, may take up to four weeks, as the ABC receives a large volume of emails every day."

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  1. I received this follow-up email after reminding ABC:

    "I have forwarded your request to ABC Local radio (Darwin) who operate the 3 domestic shortwave transmitters you heard."

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    ABC Radio National