Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Unreceived Correspondence from Short-wave Broadcasters

Has anyone else had difficulty in receiving QSLs or correspondence from  short-wave broadcasters? 

In the 1960s and 1970s, correspondence with many stations was acknowledged after months of waiting for the mail. Today, I find even with the many methods of communication available, some stations fail to COMMUNICATE with their audience. Rather ironic when one thinks of the industry they represent.

The following short-wave broadcaster promised to send QSL card in 2010, but failed to follow-up on delivery:
- Radio Myanmar

Reception reports were sent by mail and/or email to the following stations (mostly in Africa and Middle East) in 2010, yet never replied: 
- Radio Sultanate of Oman (submitted reports 3 times)
- Channel Africa SABC (submitted reports 2 times)
- Radio Riyadh (submitted reports 2 times)
Voice of Africa/Radio Jamahiriya in Libya (submitted reports 2 times)
- Radio Exterior de Espana (submitted reports 2 times)
- Voice of Indonesia (submitted reports 2 times)
- Afia Darfur
- RTV Marocaine
- RTV Tunisia
- Solomon Islands Broad Corporation
- Voice of Masses of Eritrea
- Denga Mesopatmaya
- RTM-Sarawak FM
- British Broadcasting Corporation
- Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (Radio Slobodna Europa)
- Radio Farda
- Radio Azadi
- Radio France Internationale 
- Radiodiffusion Nationale Tchadienne

I have sent current reception reports to many of these stations for year 2011 already. Let's see if they reply.

According to World Radio TV Handbook 2011, the British Broadcasting CorporationRadio Exterior de Espana and Radio Riyadh (BSKSA) no longer issue QSL cards. This would explain my repeated failure to obtain even a 'grunt' from them.

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