Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation in Columbo, Sri Lanka was logged on 8 February 2010 and 5 August 2010 at 01.00-03.30 UTC on 15.745 kHz and 9.770 kHz (English programming) 11.905 kHz (Hindi programming).

Signal (SINPO):
Reception on 15.745 kHz at 01.00 UTC was 23223 weak and occasionally  inaudible due to fading, static and some modulation; reception at  02.10 UTC was 43333 with fading; reception at 3.00 UTC was 43223 with  some fading and static; reception at 03.20 UTC was weaker at 23112 due  to severe fading and static (Receiver used was Tecsun S-2000)

Reception on 9.770 kHz at 1.45 UTC was 12221 - very weak with static;  at 2.20 UTC signal was 11111 - inaudible due to severe static; signal  at 03.00 UTC was no longer audible.   

Reception on 11.905 kHz at 1.50 UTC was the best signal at 35544; at  2.20 UTC was audible and strong at 35554; at 02.50 UTC was 45554.

English language programmes featured old pop music and Evangelical Christian format. 

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation was contacted by mail and email twice. The first report sent in February was QSLed in October with a letter and bumper sticker. I have not received a response to the August reception report.

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation
P.O. Box 574
Independence Square
Colombo 7, Sri Lanka

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