Sunday, September 19, 2021

Deutsche Welle QSL Policy

Deutsche Welle will no longer QSL. See  email on the left regarding a recent DW transmission to Afghanistan. Quote: "We have discharged this service (QSL) on September 1st, 2021."

Okay. I understand. Reception reports are meaningless since remote receivers can do the job. PR for Germany is not necessary either, nor does DW need listener support from DXers/BCLers. I get it.

Guess what? It's another reason why I have stopped listening to DW and/or visiting the DW website. DW has no genuine interest in the listener. It's all lip service. 

That said, thank you for all of the wonderful years (1968-2021) when I did listen and receive QSLs and mementos from DW.
Danke. Auf wiedersehen und 73.

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  1. yes , sad to learn. First heard them and got their QSL card fkr their Rwanda Relay station in 1965.