Friday, August 20, 2021

Afghanistan International TV

Afghanistan International TV
(an anti-Taliban clandestine station) was logged around 22.00 UTC (06.00 AM Malaysia time), 18 August 2021 (19.08.21 Malaysia). News/current event reports with frequent station IDs in Pashto/Dari was observed. On the same day, sign-off was reported to be at 06.00 UTC. However, it should be noted the station initially operated 24/7.
This new shortwave radio station airs on 7.600 kHz and went into operation the day the Taliban entered Kabul. Volant Media UK sponsors the station, as well as anti-Iran programming.
Transmitter site remains a mystery. It may be located in either UAE or Kuwait, although there is no confirmation yet on their transmitter site. Transmission is strongly received in many parts of the world, including  Australia, Europe, Latin American, Middle East, South Asia and Southeast Asia.
For my part the receiver used was an Alinco DX-R8T. External antenna used was a vertically, east-west positioned Passive Loop aerial with 40 feet of 50 ohm lead-in cable linked to the receiver, Location of reception was in central West Malaysia.

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