Friday, April 30, 2021

Proposed ABC Great Western Interview on DXing

In September 2020, a producer/announcer at ABC Great Southern - 6WA in Wagin, Western Australia contacted and requested to interview me. I had previously logged their station in March of that year, so he thought 6WA listeners might be interested to learn the station was being heard as far away as Malaysia, not just in Western Australia. At first, I was reluctant to do the interview, but at his insistence I instead proposed writing and recording a Q&A monologue. This is the recording.
As the host of an early morning programme on 6WA he agreed to edit the recording, adding in his questions, comments, effects, etc. Days, weeks and months passed without the promised final edit.

A few months after submitting the recording I learned he had been transferred to another ABC station. What he did with the recording remains a mystery. I suspect it was never edited, and therefore it never aired. Perhaps the content of my monologue was too awkward or inappropriate for his audience, so he scrapped the idea. 
In any case, here is the recording I made and submitted. Give it a listen. 73.

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