Wednesday, July 22, 2020

VORW Radio International (via Moosbrunn)

VORW Radio International, transmitting from Moosbrunn, Austria, was logged on 18 July 2020. A selection of mixed pop songs (i.e. from The Doors, Queen, Fleetwood Mac, Angry Nation, Four Winds, Shaggy, Talking Heads, Lee Hazelwood & Nancy Sinatra), along with  email shout-outs and Q&A was observed from 17.00 till 18.00 UTC. Reception on  6.070 kHz for this special LIVE 300kW transmission initially rated a SINPO of 23432 --  occasionally audible and clear content, despite sporadic fading and station splatter from China National Radio (CNR) on 6.075 kHz. Around 17.20 UTC reception improved with a SINPO of 34443. By 17.30 UTC, SINPO was 45544 -- good signal strength, clear and audible content, and no station splatter from CNR. HERE is VORW Radio International (via Moosbrunn).

Reception report was emailed on the following day. An eQSL card was received on 22 July 2020.

RX: Alinco DX-R8T ANT: 1/4 wave QTH: Malaysia

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