Sunday, September 22, 2019

Update on RTM Kajang Transmitter Site

Earlier this month (see blog entry) I visited the Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) short-wave transmitter site in Kajang, and I was surprised to see the signage removed and headquarters vacated. On learning this I contacted RTM and queried them about it. Today, 23 September 2019, I received a reply from Mr. Khairuddin Hj Osman who is the Chief Assistant Director J48, Unit of Measurement and Quality, Network Technical Section, Department of Broadcasting Malaysia.

He had this to say about the site:
We are still using our site for shortwave transmission, although there is no signage on the building. This is for security purposes.

Regarding your question about Radio Tawau-Limbang FM, we no longer broadcast on shortwave: it is only available for FM transmission. Meanwhile for Voice of Malaysia, RTM has already stopped that program.

For Asyik FM, TRAXX FM and Klasik Nasional, we decided to stop transmission for a while due to inadequate transmitter at our site where before this we were using our old transmitter since 1975, and there are no more spare parts available in the market.

We still broadcast Wai FM and Sarawak FM, but for Sarawak FM we stopped our transmission for a while due to transmitter problem. This will be repaired when we receive spare parts soon.

Thank you kindly for this update, Mr. Khairuddin. I, and on behalf of listeners worldwide, we hope Sarawak FM will soon get the necessary parts and be up running again.

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