Friday, September 27, 2019

NEXUS/IBA-European Gospel Radio (via Tiganesti)

NEXUS/IBA-European Gospel Radio, transmitting from Tiganesti, Romania was received on 26 September 2019. English programming of music and commentary/discussion was observed  from 18.25 till 19.00 UTC. Reception on the short-wave frequency of 7.290 kHz was SINPO 25221 -- audible and occasionally clear, despite weak signal and fading under atmospheric noise. Reception worsened after 18.45 UTC to the point that their signal was barely audible. Some station splatter from CRI around 19.00 UTC compounded the problem, all but ending any clarity of signal. HERE is European Gospel Radio.

Reception report was emailed on the following day. An email and blank eQSL (which I filled out for personal records) was received on 27 September 2019.


RX: Tecsun S-2000 ANT: 1/4 wave QTH: Central West Malaysia

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