Sunday, May 12, 2019

Logbook from 12 April till 9 May 2019

Reach Beyond Australia
transmitting from Kununurra, Western Australia was logged on 23 April 2019. Hindi programming was observed from 12.18 till 12.45 UT. Reception on 11.750 kHz rated a SINPO of 45444 -- fair to good signal, clear audio, some atmospheric noise. HERE is Reach Beyond Australia.

Adventist World Radio
transmitting from Moosbrunn was heard on 14 April 2019. Urdu programming was noted from 16.15 till 16.30 UTC. Reception on 15.165 KHz rated a SIO of 555.

China Tibet Broadcasting
transmitting from  Lhasa, Tibet (Xizang) was logged on 22 April 2019. English programming of news and cultural information on Tibet was heard from 16.20 till 16.50 UTC (broadcast time 16.00 till 17.00 UTC). Reception (SINPO) on 4.905 kHz rated  34343; (SINPO) on 4.920 kHz rated 43443. HERE is China Tibet Broadcasting.

Radio Tirana*
via Shortwave Service in Kall-Krekel was logged on 30 April 2019. German language programming was noted from 19.40 till 20.00 UTC, then Italian programming. Reception on 3.985 kHz from Enschede, the Netherlands rated  a SINPO of 55555. HERE is Radio Tirana (Kall-Krekel).
Radio Slovakia International* via Shortwave Service in Kall-Krekel was logged on 27 April 2019. French programming was observed from 18.35 till 19.00 UTC. Reception on 3.985 kHz from Enschede, the Netherlands rated  a SINPO of 55555.

Radio Progzilla (The Prog Mill)* via Shortwave Radio in Winsen was logged on 27 April 2019. Progressive Rock, presented by Shaun Geraghty, was monitored: 19.05 till 19.35 UTC. Reception on 3.975 kHz rated a SINPO of 55555. HERE is Radio Progzilla (Winsen).

Radio Republik Indonesia Sungailiat (Pro-1), transmitting from Sungailiat (Bangka-Belitung Islands), was logged on 9 May 2019. Indonesian economic news, station ID and commentary in Indonesian at 12.20 UTC. Reception on 1413 kHz was (SINPO) 45433 -- fair to good signal strength when not fading. In years past, 2016 particularly, signal was good up until 17.00 UTC at sign-off. 

Radio Republik Indonesia Ranai PRO-1, transmitting from Natuna Regency archipelago in the Riau Islands, was logged 7 and 8 May 2019. Reception on 1467 kHz rated a SINPO of 32332 -- poor to fair signal when not mixing and fading under Thailand National Education Radio (Pathum Thani Province). News, ID, promotional spots and nasheed (Islamic religious songs for Ramadan) was observed from 12.25 till 13.50 UTC.

Radio Nikkei 1
via Chiba was heard on 21 April 2019. Japanese programming wioth commentary on Western pop music was observed from  13.25 till 13.50 UTC. Reception on 6.055 kHz rated a SINPO of 35443 -- fair signal, clear audio, atmospheric noise. HERE is Radio Nikkei 1.

Radio Free Asia
via Tinian was received on 2 May 2019. Lao programming of current event reports was observed from 00.30 till 00.45 UTC. Reception on 15.700 kHz was SINPO 35433 - fair signal, clear and audible signal, no interference,only occasional fading. HERE is RFA (Tinian).

NHK World Radio Japan
transmitting from Koror was logged on 23 April 2019. Indonesian programming was heard from 11.50 till 12.00 UTC. Reception on  9.625 kHz was SINPO 55555. HERE is NHK World Radio Japan (Koror).

BBC - Far Eastern Relay Station (Encore)
via Kranji was received on 23 March 2019. "Sports Hour," hosted by Shari Val, and  "BBC News Hour, read by David Harper, was monitored: from 09.58 till 10.35 UTC. Reception on 6.195 kHz rated a (SINPO) of 55555 -- excellent on all accounts! HERE is BBC (Kranji).

Radio Taiwan International
via Paochung was logged on 3 May 2019. English ;amguage programming was monitored from 16.00 till 16.30 UTC. Reception on 9.405 kHz rated a SINPO of 23322 - poor signal strength, occasionally clear audio content, despite dominant carrier signal and fading. By 16.15 UTC, signal strength fluctuated between being barely audible to quite strong, either due to propagation or transmitter problems.

Voice of Turkey
via Emirler was logged on 3 May 2019. Turkish programming with Sports Talk was monitored from 16.25 till 17.00 UTC. Reception on 9.460 kHz  was SINPO 24322 - poor signal strength, occasionally clear audio content, despite fading and atmospheric noise

Pravasi Bharathi Broadcasting Corporation
, transmitting from Al Dabbaya, Abu Dhabi, was logged on 12 April 2019. Malayalam programming with news, advertisements and music was monitored from 18.00 till 18.30 UTC. Reception on this new MW frequency of 1539 kHz  rated a SINPO of 44333 -- strong and clear signal despite atmospheric noise and occasional fading. HERE is Pravasi Bharathi Broadcasting Corporation.

NHK World Radio Japan
in a relay transmisssion from Tashkent, Uzbekistan was logged on 23 April 2019. An English language broadcast was noted from 14.10 till 14.30 UTC. Reception on  9.450 kHz was SINPO: 24322 -- weak signal, occasionally audible content despite severe atmospheric noise. HERE is  NHK World Radio Japan (Tashkent).

RX: Tecsun S-2000 and Sony MW/FM car radio ANT: 1/4 wave and off the whip QTH: Subang Jaya, West Malaysia 
*RX: Remote SDR via Twente University, Enschede,the Netherlands.

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