Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Logbook from 18 till 27 February 2019

China Radio International via Kunming was logged on 20 February 2019. A Malay language broadcast on tourist spot in Malaysia and Ni Hao Mandarin (Chinese language programme) was monitored from  10.10 till 10.27 UTC. Reception on 15.135 kHz rated a  SINPO 55544 -- excellent signal strength and clarity despite slight fading.

All India Radio Hyderabad
in Hayatnagar (Vanasthalipuram), Ranga Reddy, Telangana was heard  on 24 February 2019. Classical Indian music was noited from 17.08 till 17.22 UTC. Reception on 738 kHz was SINPO 23412 -- long periods of  fading (every 8 to 10 minutes) largely hampered reception of your station; otherwise when received signal strength was fair and clarity of content good. Before 17.00 UTC, strong interference from a station in Thailand made reception impossible. HERE is AIR Hyderabad.

Voice of Indonesia
via Pelangkaraya, Papua Barat, Kalimantan was logged on 18 February 2019. German language broadcast was monitored from 18.20 till 19.00 UTC (broadcast time 18.00 till 19.00 UTC). Reception on 3,325 kHz rated a  SINP0 55544 -- excellent signal strength and clarity despite slight fading. HERE is VOI (Pelangkaraya).

NHK World Radio Japan via Yamata was heard on 27 February 2019. Burmese programming of news, commentary and music was observed from 23.45 till 00.00 UTC. Reception on 13.650 kHz was an excellent with a SINPO of 55555. HERE is Radio Japan.

KCBS Pyongyang
via Kanggye was logged  on 27 February 2019. A Korean broadcast for domestic use featured station ID, news and DPRK music from 00.00 till 200.30 UTC. Reception on 11.680 kHz rated a SINPO of 55555 -- excellent on all accounts. HERE is KCBS Pyongyang.

KBS World Radio
via Kimjae was logged on 26 February 2019. A Vietnamese programme of news and current events on the DPRK-US Summit in Hanoi was a major topic of discussion from 23.00 till 23.30 UTC (broadcast time 23.00 till 00.00 UTC). Reception on 7.275 khz initially rated a SINPO of 34443 -- fair signal, no co-frequency interference, clear audio. However, by 23.10 UTC reception was degraded to 33433 with increased co-frequency interference from a China station (PBS Xinjiang) At 7.25 UTC, reception worsened to 32422. HERE is KBS World Radio (Kimjae).

Radio Tajikistan
via Dushanbe was heard on 24 February 2019. Reception on the shortwave-wave frequency of 4.765 kHz rated a SINPO of 24442 -- dominant carrier with faint but clear audio, with no fading and no interference observed. Tajik music, News and ID observed between 15.40 till 16.05 UTC. HERE is Radio Tajikistan.

Voice of Vietnam
via Hanoi was heard on 26 February 2019. Reception on the short-wave frequency of 9.840 kHz rated a SINPO of  55555 -- excellent on all accounts. An English broadcast of news about Vietnam-Khmer relationship, DPRK-US Summit, US-Taliban Talks about peace in Afghanistan, Venezuela leadership and Cuban constitution, as well as the programmes  Current Affairs, Business Report and Vietnamese pop song entitled "My Dear Hanoi" was heard from 23.30 till 23.57 UTC. HERE is VOV (Hanoi).

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