Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Logbook from 25.12.18 till 27.01.19

The Overcomer
via Kostinbrod was heard on 7 January 2019. The usual Brother Stair programming was noted from 17.45 till 18.15 UTC. SINPO on the short-wave frequency of 9.400 kHz was 45554 -- good signal strength, clear audio, no interference, no fading.

Radio Prague International
via Prague, Czech Republic was received 13 January 2019, using their Internet/website, from 14.00 till 14.30 UTC. "Sunday Music Magazine," hosted by Ian Willoughby, featured the Czech Rock band, Houpaci Kone and tracks from their November 2018 released album Desolation Peak, including the track "Reach Far from Bleak Pinnacle." They hail from Bohemia and formed in the 1990s. Lyrics are exclusively in the Czech language with a bit of Electronica, synth instrumentation, guitar and drums mixed over vocals from male and female vocalists. Six tracks in total were played, including "So Long," "Mars," and "Vlac or Train)."

All India Radio Bhawanipatna (Akashvani Bhawanipatna)
was logged on 5 January 2019, from Tanah Rata, (Malaysia). Indian classical/devotional music with ID at the half hour was observed from 17.00 till 17.30 UTC. SINPO on 1206 kHz (MW) rated 34433 -- fair signal, occasionally clear and audible content when not fading every few minutes. HERE is AIR Bhawanipatna.

Radio Free Asia
via Biblis was heard on 13 January 2019. Burmese programming with RFA signature and in depth reports on Myanmar was  observed from 00.30 till 01.00 UTC. SINPO on the short-wave frequency of 9.510 kHz rated 55555 -- excellent reception. HERE is RFA (Biblis).

Trans World Radio
via Grigoriopol was heard on 7 January 2019, A Tigre/Tigrinya broadcast with talk and East African music was noted from 18.20 till 18.45 UTC. SINPO on the short-wave frequency of 7.245 kHz was 35443 -- fair signal strength, clear audio and slight fade.

Voice of Mongolia
via Ulaanbaator was received on 17 January 2019. A Mongolian language broadcast was heard at 09.30 till 10.00 UTC. followed by a Mandarin programming at 1.00 UTC. SINPO on 12.085 kHz rated 34433 -- fair signal strength, audible content, despite slight transmitter hum and fading. HERE is Voice of Mongolia.

Vatican Radio
via Palauig-Zambales was logged on 12 January 2019. Catholic news and related programming in Vietnamese was noted from 23.18 till 00.00 UTC. SINPO on 9.580 khz rated 55544 - strong signal and clear audio despite slight fading. By 23.50 UTC, reception was excellent on all accounts eith a SINPO of 55555. HERE is Vatican Radio (Palauig-Zambales).

Radio Romania International
was heard on 19 January 2019, from 06.30 till 06.57 UTC. THis English language broadcast to Australia and Asia was received on the short-wave frequency of 15.450 kHz. SINPO rated 45444 -- good signal strength, clear and audible, despite slight fading and some atmospheric noise.

Radio Slovakia International
via Bratislava was heard was received on 13 January 2019, using their Internet/website, from 00.00 till 00.27 UTC. The programme "Sunday News Reel" and "Listeners Tribune" was received on this particular day.

RadioTaiwan International
via Paochung was received on 17 January 2019, from 03.00 till 04.00 UTC.  English language programming included  "Here in Taiwan," "Ear to the Ground" about wintertime sounds in Boston, "Jade Pipes and Bamboo Pipes" on Hakka music, and finally "One More Thing" about a historical stone marker. SINPO on 15.320 kHz: rated 55555 -- excellent reception for much of the broadcast, except at around 03.42 UTC, when abrupt QRM from a Mandarin speaking  announcer/feed briefly overshadowed "Jade Bells & Bamboo Pipes". At 04.00 UTC, China National Radio was heard mixing with RTI. 

Voice of Turkey
in Emirler was logged on 5 January 2019,  from Tanah Rata, (Malaysia). Azeri language programming was monitored from 16.40 till 17.15 UTC. Reception on 5.965 kHz was SINPO rated 34433 -- fair signal, audible and clear content. HERE is Voice of Turkey.

Radio Menschen & Geschichten / ShortwaveService
via Tashkent was heard   on 27 January 2019. A German language broadcast with reports about Sitkunai and conversation with a woman in Leipzig, along with pop music, was noted from 18.40 till 19.00 UTC.  Reception on the short-wave frequencies of 5.830 kHz before 18.30 UTC was null. At 18.40 UTC  a signal was detected, and only then it was mostly carrier with occasionally faint audio and fading. At 18.45 UTC, SINPO rated 25422 -- weak but audible signal, with occasionally clear content when not fading under atmospheric noise.

Radio Veritas Asia
via Santa Maria de Galeria was heard, here in the Kuala Lumpur area, on 13 January 2019. A Kachin language broadcast was received from 00.05 till 00.30 UTC.
SINPO on the short-wave frequency of 9.700 kHz rated 55555 -- excellent reception. Around 00.20 UTC, signal remained strong but with a bit of fading. HERE is Radio Veritas Asia (Santa Maria de Galeria).

Voice of Vietnam
via Hanoi was logged on 9 January 2019. Their English language broacast of news about Vietnam, cultural programmes and music was observed from 23.30 till 00.00 UTC. SINPO on 9.840 khz rated 54554 -- strong signal and clear audio despite transmitter whining.

Supreme Master TV  via WRMI, was heard on the short-wave frequency of  9.455 kHz, here in the Kuala Lumpur area, on 24 December 2018, from 22.35 till 23.15 UTC. Reception initially at 22.35 UTC rated a SINPO of 14321 -- weak but audible signal. Reception  improved slightly at 22.45 UTC with a SINPO of 24432 -- weak but discernible content, slight station splatter from adjacent stations . By 23.05 UTC, signal was much weaker with greater station splatter at SINPO of 13421. Signal not detected at 23.30 UTC. HERE is  Supreme Master TV.

Voice of Hope Africa
via Makeni Ranch was received on 26 January 2019. A selection of contemporary Christian music with station IDs in English was heard from 16.25 till 17.00 UTC. SINPO on 13.680 kHz initially rated 35433 -- fair signal strength, clear and audible content despite fading and atmospheric noise. After 16.40 UTC, atmospheric noise made reception impossible. Reception was only slightly better on 9.680 kHz with SINPO of 35333 after 16.50 UTC. By 16.55 UTC, signal was audible but with indiscernible content.

RX: Tecsun S-2000 and Degen DE-1102 ANT: 1/4 wave and whip QTH: Tanah Rata and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

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