Saturday, September 22, 2018

Logbook from 19 till 28 September 2018

KNLS New Life Station in Anchor Point was logged on 21 September 2018, at 10.55 UTC. An English language broadcast was observed just before sign-off and mixing with NHK Radio Japan interval on 7.355 kHz. SINPO at this point rated 32442. HERE is KNLS and Radio Japan.

Radio 4KZ in Innisfail, Queensland (Australia) was logged on 28 September 2018 (29 September 2018, Queensland date). Country & Western music was observed briefly, including a track from Dolly Parton entitled "Over & Out", which was followed by a male DJ (presumably The Breakfast Show host Glenn Johns). Broadcast was monitored from 20.10 till 20.30 UTC. Transmission  on 5.055 kHz, under good propagation, invariably begins and trails off with a carrier, mixing with some annoying atmospheric noise. Around 20.10 UTC audio begins to fade, in and out, then peaks after about 10 minutes -- after 20.20 UTC.  At the time when audio was observe, reception rated a SINPO of 25321 -- weak signal with occasionally audible content, despite reception for no more than 10 to 15 minutes, marred in atmospheric noise. HERE is an audio excerpt from this broadcast.

Shanghai Radio - XSG was logged on 19 September 2018, from 19.00 till 19.05 UTC. Reception on the short-wave frequency of 8.4255 kHz/USB rated a SINPO of 55555 -- excellent strength, clear and strong with no interference. Continuous DSC message "CQ CQ CQ DE XSG XSG XSG HR..." was observed. HERE is Shanghai Radio - XSG.

Shanghai Radio - XSG on 4.207 kHz (CW transmission), at 16.30 UTC, 21 September 2018. HERE is the station.

Shanghai Radio - XSG on 4.212 kHz (CW transmission), at 16.38 UTC, 21 September 2018. HERE is the station.

Tianjin Radio - XSV was logged on 19 September 2018, from 10.20 till 10.25 UTC. Reception on the short-wave frequency of 12.577 kHz/USB  rated a SINPO of 45444 -- fair to good signal, no interference, only occasional fading. Continuous DSC message in CW was observed. HERE is Tianjin Radio - XSV.

PBS Xinjiang via Urumqi was logged on 20 September 2018, with discussion between female and male announcer in Uighur. Reception on 6.120 kHz rated a SINPO of 24432 -- weak signal, peaks of clear audio content when not fading under atmospheric noise.

KBS World Radio via Kimjae was logged on 21 September 2018, at 11.00 UTC. This Korean broadcast was noted on 7.255 kHz with a SINPO of 45444. HERE is KBS World Radio.

Bangkok Meteorological Radio was received on 21 September 2018, at 10.38 UTC. Interval signal, followed by weather report and station details in, first, Thai, and then English, was observed. Reception on 8.743 kHz in USB mode rated a SINPO of 55555. HERE is Bangkok Meteorological Radio.

HF NAVTEX station on 4.209 kHz (CW transmission), at 16.35 UTC, 21 September 2018 HERE is the station.

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