Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation Retrospective

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation was an elusive station to catch in the United States over 40 years ago. When I settled in Malaysia and resumed listening to medium-wave and short-wave broadcasts, SLBC was a relatively easy catch, given my close proximity. However, this did not guarantee a QSL.

At least, at first, this did not come happen. Only when renowned DXer Victor Goonetilleke took over as veri-signer of the station and broadcasters using SLBC's facilities did this improve. From this point, I was able to secure a paper QSL card and numerous eQSLs from their Ekala and Trincomalee sites, thanks to Victor's dedication to the hobby.

There were other broadcasters as well who were verified, including Adventist World Radio, Deutsche Welle, FEBA India, PCJ Radio, Radio Netherlands Worldwide, STF Radio International, Voice of Wilderness (Bible Voice Broadcasting), Rhein-Main-Radio-Club for "DSWCI - The Last AGM" and Radio Mi Amigo. Even Radio Free Asia, RFE/RL (Radio Farda), RFE/RL (Radio Mashaal), Voice of America and VOA Deewa Radio from the IBB/BBG site in Iranawila were verified too.

For the purpose of this video though, only QSLs and the interval signal from SLBC have been featured.


  1. Hi Timm, Is Victor Goonetilleke still verifying reports for SLBC? Thanks

    1. Hi Craig. As of last year, Victor was still the veri-signer for SLBC. Send a full reception report and audio file(s), if you have any to him. Try to contact him at 73.

    2. Hi Timm, Update: I made contact with Victor G at the email address provided. He was very prompt in a reply and willing to accept reports on behalf of the SLBC. Has EQSL and paper QSLs available. He also requests that audio samples are no longer than 30 seconds in file length for a verification. Thanks again for the tip.

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