Saturday, May 5, 2018

Sound of Hope (Taiwan)

Sound of Hope, a clandestine station purportedly transmitting from Tamsui, Taiwan, was logged on 30 April 2018. Religious programming with interviews/conversations in Mandarin were observed from 01.30 till 02.00 UTC. Reception on 18.870 kHz (one of many frequencies supposedly used from low-powered transmitters) rated a SINPO of 35533 - fair signal, clear audio, occasional fading and no interference. HERE is Sound of Hope as heard in South East Asia. 

Reception report was emailed to multiple accounts in subsequent days. On 5 May 2018, a scanned copy of a QSL card from VOH (USA office) was emailed. Presumably the actually QSL card will arrive in the mail, a week or two from now. 

Interestingly, Voice of Hope (Taiwan) sent their QSL card for a previous reception reported submitted years ago. 

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