Sunday, February 11, 2018

Logbook January - February 2018

As I mentioned in a previous blog entry I will occasionally post QSLs, log entries and souvenir items, as and when they arrive, and time permitting. Briefly, the medium-wave band continues to be the most active and interesting place for DXing in South East Asia. Short-wave has had its moments, and I have managed to catch Ozy Music Radio, Birinchi Radio and Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation. Radio 4KZ, even with reduced power of 250 watts, can be received, albeit a faint carrier, on rare occasions now. Below are a few log entries from January 2018 onward.

Radio Republik Indonesia Bandar Lampung (PRO-1) in Lampung Province was received on  5 February 2018, between 16.30 till 17.00 UTC, with Indonesian programming of Indo pop music and promos/adverts in bahasa Indonesia. Station is  heard regularly in the Kuala Lumpur area, under good conditions in the late evening hours.  Reception on 1035 kHz (MW) on this particular night rated a SINPO of 34433 -- fair signal strength, occasional interference from other stations when signal faded, some  atmospheric noise. HERE is RRI Bandar Lampuung.

i-Dream Radio in Kota Depok, West Java Province was logged on 11 Februari 2018, between 16.35 and 17.05 UTC. Sign-off is probably some time after 17.00 UTC, as signal has not been observed after 18.00 UTC.The station is dedicated exclusively to Islamic programming, i.e. Quran recital, tafsir and various topics from an Islamic perspective.  Reception on 1044 kHz (MW) rated a SINPO of 34433 -- fair to good signal strength, sometimes distorted or over modulated, fading every three to four minutes. HERE is iDream Radio with Quran recitation and station jingle/promotion.

Myanmar Radio
, transmitting from Naypyidaw, was logged on 14 February 2018, from 03.00 till 03.30 UTC during their English language broadcast of news and Western pop music. Reception on 9.730 kHz rated a SINPO of 35443. Burmanese broadcast followed at 03,30 UTC. HERE is Myanmar Radio interval and ID.

Radio Pakistan (Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation) via  their medium-wave transmitter sites in Islamabad (585 kHz) and Peshawar (540 kHz) radiated well beyond Pakistan into central West Malaysia, on 22 January 2018. Reception on both frequencies was observed after 18.35 UTC until 19.05 UTC. Signal strength gradually improved and programming was best heard from 18.50 UTC onward. Reception on 540 kHz (Peshawar) was (SINP0) 34322-- fair signal strength, clear audio content, with occasional audio despite atmospheric noise. Reception on 585 kHz (Islamabad) was (SINPO) 34332 -- fair signal strength, initially some co-frequency from a regional station in Southeast Asia when signal faded. Signal gained strength after 18.50 UTC. HERE and HERE is PBC Islamabad and HERE is PBC Peshawar

KBS World Radio
via Gimje City, North Jeolla Province was received on 1170 kHz (MW) with Japanese language programming  of pop music, moderated by a male announcer,  was observed on 11 February 2018, from 18.45 until 19.10 UTC. Reception rated a SINP0 of 24322 -- fair to good signal when not fading and affected by atmospheric noise, some co-frequency interference as well was noted. HERE is KBS Japanese programming on MW frequency of 1170 kHz.

Radio Taiwan International via Paochung was heard on 10 February, between 03.30 to 04.00 UTC (during and East Meets West segment). This particular segment featured Karen Farley, co-founder of KP Kitchen Taiwan, who shared a recipe for brownies topped with candied orange chocolate bark to honour Valentine's Day and the Chinese Lunar New Year (the Year of the Dog). Reception on 15.320 kHz rated a SINPO of 54544 -- powerful signal, despite some transmitter noise and slight fading.

Voice of Turkey was received on the short-wave frequency of 9.610 kHz and initially radiated well in the Kuala Lumpur area, but deteriorated further into the broadcast. An English language programme of news about Turkey and various programmes about Turkey's foreign relations, and Turkish pop music was observed on 8 February 2018, from 21.30 until 22.15 UTC. HERE is the Voice of Turkey

RX used: Sangean ATS-909 (MW) and Tecsun S-200 (SW) ANT used: Loop and ferrit rod (MW) and 1/4 wave (SW) QTH: Kuala Lumpur area

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