Sunday, November 26, 2017

Logbook 26 November 2017

Radio Menschen & Geschichten, a programme offered by Shortwave Service and produced by Christian Milling, was logged on the short-wave frequency of 5.845 kHz. A  German language programme about radio personalities, AI icon of the 1980s Max Headroom and music between reports, and hosted by Christian Milling, was heard from 17.05 till 18.00 UTC. While this transmission eminated from Yerevan-Gavar (Armenia) and targeted Europe, reception initially rated a SINPO 35343 -- fair signal strength, clear but mixed with atmospheric noise. At 17.30 UTC, signal strengthened with less QRN. Around 17.48 some QRM, but still clear and strong with SINPO of 44433. HERE's Radio Menschen & Geschichten, as heard in Malaysia.

Radio Mi Amigo via Shortwave Service was logged on the short-wave frequency of 5.845 kHz, here in the Kuala Lumpur area. Captain Kord moderated the English language segment of Radio Mi Amigo's broadcast from Yerevan-Gavar (Armenia). He talked about the yester-years of Radio Mi Amigo, played a variety of 60s era pop songs, including George Harrison's "Hare Krishna", Lou Christie's "I'm Gonna Make You Mine", Engelbert Humperdinck's "Winter World of Love" and other songs of the period, as well as frequent station IDs, jingles and mention of a special Radio Mi Amigo QSL card/postage stamp. SINPO initially rated a listenable 44444 -- Good signal strength, heterodyning, some fading, otherwise clear content for much of the time. Reception began to deteriorate a bit after 18.30 UTC with increased fading. HERE's Radio Mi Amigo.

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