Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Nineteen-hundred-and-fifty-four. It is probably an insignificant year in the 20th century for most people. For me, however, it is the year of my birth and quite naturally has special importance. The social, political, sporting and entertainment milestones in that year not only had specific ramifications at the time, each later affected my life in one way or another. And, surprisingly they happened more or less in the nine months before I slid down the Milky Way and into the blue.

In keeping with all things related to radio I thought it might be fun to put together a retrospective video of short-wave QSLs and radios from that year.  The portable transistor radio made its debut that year, even though valve radios, among them being the Zenith Trans-Oceanic, remained the mainstay. In fact, I owned an H-500 manufactured in 1953. Great radio! 
The QSL cards represented in this video were sourced from The Classic Short Wave Broadcast QSL Home Page of K6EID. Enjoy and happy DXing! 73.

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