Monday, September 18, 2017

Logbook 17 - 21 September 2017

Australian Broadcasting Corporation NewsRadio / 6PNN in Busselton (south of Perth), Western Australia was logged on the medium-wave frequency of 1152 kHz under very weak but audible reception conditions. BBC news was observed from 18.02 till 18.30 UTC. SINPO rated 15321 -- weak but audible signal, content was occasionally discernible when not fading. No additional stations were observed, making 6PNN virtually a clear-channel frequency. Good thing, because I doubt this 10kW station could have been heard at all. HERE's ABC 6PNN as heard in the Kuala Lumpur area.

DARC via Moosbrunn was logged on the short-wave frequencies of 9.570 kHz and 13.775 kHz under favourable conditions, here in the Kuala Lumpur area. DARC news about the IARU Conference, weather in southern Germany and two radio related songs was observed from 17.30 till 18.00 UTC. SINPO on 9.570 kHz initially rated 45444 -- strong signal, clear content with minor fading. Around 17.50 UTC, reception was slightly less than desired at 35433, but still audible and clear. SINPO on 13.775 kHz was less impressive at 35323 -- audible, but disturbed by deep fading and atmospheric noise. HERE's DARC in a special broadcast from Moosbrunn.

All India Radio Pune / Akashvani Pune was logged on the medium-wave frequency of 792 kHz under decent conditions, here in the Kuala Lumpur area. Devotional music and news was observed from 16.40 till 17.40 UTC. SINPO was 33433 -- fair signal strength, clear audio when not fading under an unidentified Chinese broadcaster operating on the same frequency. Reception seemed to improve after 17.00 UTC, but still with co-frequency interference. HERE's AIR Pune.

JOCF - Minaminihon Broadcasing Co. Ltd (MBC), transmitting with 20 kw of power from Kagoshima, was logged on the medium-wave frequency of 1107 kHz. Talk and pop music in Japanese was observed from 17.00 till 19.15 UTC. On 20 Sept 2017, after 17.00 UTC, SINPO rated 13321 -- very weak, audible, occasionally clear content despite mixing with co-frequency station (possibly in Xijiang) and fading. On 21 Sept 2017, after 19.00 UTC, reception was slightly better with a SINPO of 24422 -- weak and occasional fading, but with improved audio and clear content. HERE is JOCF as heard in the Kuala Lumpur area.

Voice of Vietnam via Hanoi-Sontay was logged on the short-wave frequency of 12.020 kHz, under excellent conditions with a SINPO of 55555. An English language programme of news, current events and Vietnamese pop music was heard from 12.30 till 13.00 UTC. HERE's VoV signing on at 13.00 UTC with their Indonesian broadcast.

RX: Sangean ATS-909 (MW); DEGEN DE-1102; Panasonic RF-45B (SW) (SW) ANT: internal ferrite rod (MW); long wire (SW) RX LOC: Kuala Lumpur area

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