Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Radio Televisyen Malaysia Wai FM

RTM Wai FM, transmitting from Kajang (Malaysia),  was logged on 2 June 2017, from 21.10 till 21.45 UTC with the azan for Fajr, several nasheeds and Malay pop songs. During this period, reception on 11.665 kHz rated an excellent SINPO of 54555. This is understandable given I live slightly over 30km from the transmitter site. But I hasten to add, at certain hours of the day Wai FM on this frequency is buried in atmospheric noise or interference from other short-wave broadcasters.

Reception report was emailed to Wai FM on the following day. A few days later an email confirmed and promised a QSL. A follow-up email was sent 3rd July 2017, owing that long holidays and festivals in Malaysia can delay delivery. True enough on 3rd July (note postmark) the QSL was mailed, and it arrived the following day at my home. 

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