Friday, February 24, 2017

Logbook 24 February 2017

RTM Radio Asyik in Kajang (West Malaysia) was heard around 00.02 UTC with aboriginal music of Malaysia, followed by station ID and Doa (supplication). Reception on 6.050 kHz was 55555 -- not surprising given my RX location is about 30-40 km from Kajang.

Radyo Inquirer / DZIQ - AM
  in Makati District was logged from 20.35 till 20.50 UTC (04.35 am till 04.50 am, PHT). A Filipino language broadcast of current event reports/news and station ID with discussion between female DJ and radio listeners was observed. SINPO on the medium-wave frequency of 990 kHz rated 35433 -- fair to good signal strength, clear audio, no co-frequency interference at the time logged, slight fading (every 3 minutes). 

Radio Taiwan International, transmitting from Paochung, was logged on the short-wave frequency of 11.685  kHz.  Programmes "Hear in Taiwan", "Trends", "In The Republic" and "One More Thing" was observed from 15.10 till 16.00 UTC (broadcast time 15.00 till 16.00 UTC). SINPO rated 55545.

Voice of Turkey  "File on Agenda", "Culture of Living Together", "Question of the Month" and Turkish pop music was heard from 17.35 till 18.18 UTC, on the short-wave frequency of  11.730 kHz. SINPO initially rated 55545 -- excellent signal strength and audio quality, despite slight fading. By 18.00 UTC reception worsened to 35433 due to weaker signal and increased atmospheric noise and fading.

Ibra Media, transmitting via Tashkent, in a Bengali  broadcast was heard after 00:00 UTC with regional music, followed by a radio drama. Reception on 5.905 kHz was 45554.

Voice of Vietnam (VoV-5) in Hanoi-Sontay was heard  from 23.30 till 23.58 UTC, on the short-wave frequency of 12.020 kHz, under excellent conditions with a SINPO of 54555. Segments on the pagodas in the Red River Delta and Clay Cracker Festival in Hai Duong were profiled in this half-hour English broadcast, which aslo included news and Vietnamese pop songs.

Receiver used: Tecsun S-2000. External antenna: 1/4 wave aerial. RX location: central West Malaysia. 

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