Monday, August 1, 2016

8,000 Hits in 1 Week

IN 1 WEEK (last week) I had NEARLY 8,000 HITS on  SOUTH EAST ASIA DXING!!!

This is out of the norm. Usually I will get over 2,000 hits in one week. I don't know whether to be flattered or alarmed. How do I know? Google allows one to monitor the entries read, the countries who have read the entries and a bunch of other cool data. This is a great marketing tool for gauging one's product, i.e what sells, what motivates a buyer, etc.

In my case -- as most of you know -- the product is nothing really special. It's all about the hobby of radio listening. It contains reviews on radios and reception reports of international radio stations heard on MW and SW. Aside from the reviews and reports, hundreds of verification cards (QSLs) and souvenirs received from stations around the world -- over 100 countries -- have been uploaded on the blog site.

And, I know who most of the regular radio hobbyists are that visit my blog site. They hail from the US, Germany, Japan and Brazil, followed by other European countries, India and Australia. In fact, a good many are friends who I have corresponded with since resuming the hobby of radio listening.

Without digressing further, let me get back to the approximate 8,000 hits. Care to guess which country made the hits? No, it was none of the above. It was RUSSIA!

Oddly, on one night, during that week, I found it difficult to manipulate and upload data onto my blog site. It was very similar to when a website is being hacked.

So, whoever you are that is viewing my blog site in Russia (or remotely in proxy countries, i.e. Kazakhstan, Belarus), thank you for visiting. But please, leave it unscathed. There is nothing on my site of great concern or pertaining to national security. Thank you and 73.

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  1. Hi Tim,
    I have had exactly the same! 8000 hits in one week from Russia also. I had the same thoughts also. I am no threat to national security of any country!