Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Radio Payem e-Doost (Bahai) via Pridnestrovskiy Radioteletsentr

Radio Payem e-Doost (Bahai) via Pridnestrovskiy Radioteletsentr in Moldova was logged on 10 February 2015. A Persian (Farsi) language broadcast entailing a radio drama and a few Farsi songs was heard from 18.00 till 18.45 UTC, on the short-wave frequency of 7.480 kHz with a SINPO of 44444 --- good signal strength, with clear and audible reception, despite some transmitter hum and minor utility interference under the broadcast.

HERE is an audio clip of Radio Payem e-Doost broadcast at sign-on, as heard in Malaysia. 

Reception report was emailed to Pridnestrovskiy Radioteletsentr on the following day. Previous reception reports, both by email and post, to Radio Payem e-Doost have failed to garner a response. So, no attempt to submit another report directly was entertained. This eQSL was received on 11 February 2015.


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