Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Random Loggings for 29 July 1014

Propagation on most short-wave bands has deteriorated since June. Latin American and North American broadcasters received a month ago appear to have disappeared for the time being. Only more powerful signals from stations in Asia, Africa and Europe are reaching Malaysia, and even then with fair to good reception. 

SSB Meteorological Broadcasting in Tainan // 5.170 kHz in USB mode at 35553 //  weather reports in Cantonese from 17.00 UTC.

Radio Australia // 9.475 kHz // excellent American folk and blues programme from 17.30 onward. Love the announcer's commentary and selection of songs. Reception was good at 44554.

Voice of Indonesia in German // 9.525 kHz at 55555 from 18.00 UTC, leading off with "Nachtrichten" relating to Indonesia. My German is poor to fair, but good enough to understand and appreciate the Indonesian accent of the announcers. I do enjoy their efforts as well as the German language broadcasts from KBS World Radio, Radio Taiwan, CRI and Voice of Vietnam -- countries one would never expect German programming. They apparently value their German speaking audience.

Radio Medi // 9.575 kHz at 34443 -- audible commentary and occasional music in Arabic/French from 18.30 UTC.

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