Friday, June 6, 2014

Voice of Turkey

Voice of Turkey in Emirler was logged on 21 June 2014. An English language broadcast of news and regularly featured programmes such as DX Mailbag, Question of the Month and Turkish pop music was heard from 12.30 to 13.25 UTC. Reception was poor to weak on 15.450 kHz with (SINPO) of 25431 -- weak and occasional audio with only carrier signal present on fade out, presumably due to lack of grey-line coverage between Turkey and Malaysia as well as targeted direction of TRT antenna array. At 13.00 UTC, strong station splatter from Adventist Radio-KSDA in Guam on 15.445 degraded TRT signal further to 23431.  

Reception report was emailed to Voice of Turkey the following week. Reception report for 21 June 2014 was received on 19 August 2014.

21 June 2014

Voice of Turkey, transmitting from Emirler, was logged on 6 June 2014. Turkish language broadcast of traditional Turkish music and radio drama (?) was monitored from 19.50 to 20.30 UTC. Reception  on 9.460 kHz was (SINPO) 34443 -- fair signal strength with transmitter noise and slight fading.

6 June 2014
Reception report was emailed a few days later. QSL card honoring Father's Day and a coaster depicting the Hydarpasha train station was received on 9 July 2014. 

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