Monday, April 14, 2014

Voice of Vietnam 5 "Die Stimme Vietnams" (via Dhabbaya)

Voice of Vietnam 5 "Die Stimme Vietnams", transmitting from Dhabbaya (UAE), was logged on 14 April 2014. A German language broadcast of  news about the world and Vietnam as well as  reports on economic development and industry in Vietnam, along with Vietnamese pop music, was monitored from 19.50 to 20.30 UTC (broadcast time 19.30 to 20.30 UTC). A lone female announcer presented much of this one hour broadcast. Transmission occurred on 9.430 kHz. Reception was good with a (SINPO) of 54544 -- excellent signal strength despite QRM station splatter and minor fading.

Reception report was written in German and emailed to the German language service. QSL card and postcard arrived in the mail on 5 May 2014.



Postal Address:
Die Stimme Vietnams
45 Ba Trieu,
Hanoi, Vietnam

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  1. I think the transmitter for the German Service of the Voice of Vietnam is Woofferton in Great Britain and not Dhabbaya (UAE).
    Regards from Berlin, Germany