Monday, November 11, 2013

KWUZ Hippie Radio 97.5 (Web-radio Internet)

KWUZ "Hippie Radio 97.5" in Salida, Coloado (USA) was logged on 11 November 2013. An internet stream of 60's and 70's music was monitored from 09.20 till 10.05 pm (Colorado local time). Internet stream was received at 32 kps in aac format, using a Samsung Galaxy  Tablet 3 / TuneIn Radio application. Excellent audio quality and steady stream was noted.

Reception report was emailed the following day. An email promising a Letter of Verification was received on 18 November 2013.



  1. I have contacted about reception report and request letter of verification them and many more online radio stations. Such as Radio Cayman ,Radio Chilena FM (San Antonio), Radio Prague, some Canadian Stations and it is been a month that I haven't get any response from them. What is your suggestion? Thanks

  2. Be patient and persistent, Documentarica DZ. Radio Cayman is a difficult station to QSL. It took many follow-up emails and a self-prepared eQSL. Radio Prague will reply with a QSL card in a few months. Radio Chilena FM took nearly four months. Canadian stations may not QSL. In fact, not all stations will QSL internet/web-radio broadcasts. That's part of the challenge. Happy DXing.

  3. I have some dudes, if i send my report to radios like Hippie, Atlantic, Mongolia, etc.. how many time i need to wait for receiver the QSL (or an email to promise me the send of the QSL) also, i can received the QSL if i listen the radio on the website, especcially Chilena FM. I hope your answers.

    Greetings from Tacna, Peru :)
    Cristian Fabian Raymundo Ruiz

  4. Hi Cristian.

    Not all Web-stations and not all radio stations will QSL. Some respond only to reception reports sent by mail. Others will reply by email.

    Hippie Radio sent an email to confirm, but no QSL card in the traditional sense. Chilena FM sent a QSL card which took several months. Atlantic Radio will send an eQSL which can take up to about a month. Mongolia may take several months or may not reply at all. It's best to contact Voice of Mongolia both by email and mail.

    Hope this helps. 73.