Friday, November 15, 2013

HLL Seoul - Korean Meteorological Administration

HLL Seoul - Meteorological Radio (Korean Meteorological Administration), transmitting from Seoul, Republic of Korea, was logged on 12 November 2013. Meterological information presented by a female announcer was presented in Japanese, Korean and Chinese from 10.40 to 10.56 UTC.  Reception on 5.858 kHz (USB mode) wa (SINPO) 24432 - weak signal, slight fading and atmospheric noise, otherwise audible and clear speech at times. 

An audio file may be accessed HERE.

Reception report was emailed the following day with follow-ups in both English and Korean. It was subsequently posted as well. 

Postal Address:
Korea Meteorological Administration
61 16-gil Yeouidaebang-ro Dongjak-gu
Seoul 156-720
Republic of Korea


Email:  (Korean)  (English)

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