Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Radio Ergo (via Dhabbaya)

Self-made eQSL based on email confirmation
Radio Ergo, a Somalia station with headquarters in Kenya and humanitarian sponsors in Switzerland, Australia and Denmark, was logged 16 October 2013. A Somali language broadcast of humanitarian relief efforts in Somalia was monitored from 08.30 to 09.30 UTC. Reception on 13.685 kHz (originating presumably from Dhabbaya, UAE) at 08.30 UTC was (SINPO) 25322 -- weak carrier with faint audio under, together with fading and atmospheric noise. Reception improved slightly after 08.50 UTC -- audio was up over carrier signal, yet reception remained weak. Reception spiked briefly at 09.10 UTC to 35333. 

Reception report was emailed to Radio Ergo. After a follow-up email on 2 May 2014, I received an email confirmation.



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