Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Radio Aparecida (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Radio Aparecida, transmitting from Aparecida / Sao Paulo, Brazil, was logged on 1 October 2013. A Portuguese language talk format was observed from 22.35 to 23.00 UTCReception on 9.630 kHz at 22.35  UTC was (SINPO) 23432 -- weak signal with QRM splatter from adjacent stations otherwise audible when signal faded in. Carrier present after 22.55 UTC as grey-line path gradually disappeared. Up until 23.00 UTC carrier present with occasional audio of a male announcer detected, and this despite strong interference from CNR in China.

A sound file of this transmission (marred in QRM) may be heard HERE. Reception improved during the month of November, especially after 20.30 UTC. A sample of their transmission on 18 November may be downloaded HERE.

A reception report was emailed the following day. A reception report was also posted a few weeks later.



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