Wednesday, August 21, 2013

NEW Radio Televisyen Malaysia QSL Cards

TRAXX FM QSL (front)
Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) appears to be issuing new QSL cards / eQSLs  for their individual short-wave outlets. The past few months I have noticed QSL cards in various short-wave forums (most notably on Facebook) popping up for TRAXX FM (7.295 kHz) and Sarawak FM (9.835 kHz). RTM may be printing separate QSLs for Wai FM (11.665 kHz), Asyik FM (6.050 kHz) and Klasik Nasional (5.965 kHz) as well, although I have not seen evidence to confirm it.

Sarawak FM (front)
QSL sans RTM logos 
In early 2012 all RTM stations were initially QSLed  with a card depicting RTM headquarters in Antarabangsa, Kuala Lumpur. There were two versions issued. The first edition featured only the RTM building whereas the second edition included RTM station logos. In the 1970's  RTM issued a QSL card showing the same building, which incidentally sits on a hillside, outside Pantai Dalam, near Kuala Lumpur town centre..

Voice of Malaysia QSL 
RTM - Voice of Malaysia offered a  variety of designs throughout the 1980's, 1990's and 2000's. These served to not only confirm reception reports, but  also aided in promoting Malaysia as a tourist destination. This appears to be the direction RTM is heading now with the new QSLs.

Sarawak FM  PPC QSL in 2011
I would like to think I helped start the ball rolling for the current QSL cards for Sarawak FM, TRAXX FM and RTM. In 2010 after unsuccessful attempts to QSL Sarawak FM (while still transmitting from Kuching), I followed up with a PPC QSL which RTM confirmed in late 2011. Since then, RTM has QSLed reception reports for listeners worldwide.

In any event it is welcome news to see RTM cares about  its listeners and invites them to continue sending reception reports in exchange for these attractive new cards. Terima kasih, RTM!!!

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