Saturday, July 13, 2013

Radio Spaceshuttle International (Finland)

Radio Spaceshuttle International, a free radio station transmitting somewhere in Finland, was logged on 13 July 2013. A broadcast of music and frequent station IDs was monitored from 15.45 to 16.45 UTC. At 15.45 UTC, reception on 15.880 kHz in USB mode was (SINPO) 15321 -- audio detected but weak with severe QRN. At 16.00 UTC, signal strengthened slightly to 25321. At 16.30 UTC, signal was 35432 -- much stronger with increased audio clarity.

A sample of this transmission at 16.20 UTC may be heard HERE.

Reception report was emailed to Dick at Radio Spaceshuttle shortly after the transmission. On 12 August, Radio Spaceshuttle International emailed, stating: "Thanks for remaind. Your QSL is in "progress"... Shall surely come...Dick."


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