Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Radio Republik Indonesia / World Service Voice of Indonesia

HAPPY NEWS FROM RADIO REPUBLIK INDONESIA!!! Confirmation of 6 RRI Stations. 3 New SW Countries. 1 MW Country.

Drs. Eddy Sukmana, Director of RRI World Service Voice of Indonesia, with this Letter of Verification has forwarded and confirmed my reception reports for RRI Madiun, RRI Makassar,  RRI Kendari, RRI Fak-Fak, RRI Wamena and RRI Ternate.

This letter may be the closest QSL I will ever receive from any of the respective RRI stations. With it comes THREE NEW SW COUNTRIES according to NASWA:  Makassar and Kendari (Sulawesi), Wamena and Fak-Fak (Papua) and Ternate (Molucca). RRI Madiun (Java) is a MW station.

NOTE: I posted a letter, along with sound file links, to RRI-VOI in Jakarta a few months ago. This letter, which I presume is now en route to my postal address, was attached in an email on 16 July 2013. At the same time, I emailed VoI and made a similar request. See my previous blog entry HERE.


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