Sunday, June 9, 2013

PCJ Radio International (via Nauen and Trincomalee)

eQSL for PCJ Radio via Nauen to North America
PCJ Radio International in their fourth test transmission from Nauen, Germany and Trincomalee, Sri Lanka, was logged on 9 June 2013. Andy Sennitt led off with "Focus Asia Pacfic", then Keith Perron followed a comercial for Tecsun, then "The Happy Station Show", between 13.00 and 14.00 UTC. The highlight of the show included an interview with Tom Meijer.

Reception of PCJ via Nauen on 5.955 kHz was (SINPO) 24331 -- weak signal strength and poor audio quality. Eventually a Chinese broadcaster (suspect CRI) dominated the frequency. I listened for approximately seven minutes, from 12.58 to 13.05 UTC.

Reception of PCJ via Trincomalee on 11.835 kHz was (SINPO) 54544 -- some moderate QRM from a station sharing the same frequency. This interference disappeared at around 13.20 UTC. At this point, reception improved and remained excellent at 55555.

eQSL for PCJ Radio via Nauen to Europe
Reception of PCJ  via Nauen on 10 June 2013 was heard as well, between 00.00 to 00.20 UTC. Reception on 9.925 kHz was detected but equally as bad as their transmission on 5.955 kHz. SINPO was 23321.Carrier was present with peaks of modulation when signal spiked upward. Otherwise audio was barely audible due to signal weakness, fading  and QRN. I did recognise the PCJ chimes at sign-on, the station ID, some content from "Focus Asia Pacific", Keith's promotion for Tecsun and the Brazilian singer introduced during "The Happy Station Show".

A sample of "Focus Asia Pacific", shortly after sign-on, from Nauen on 9 June may be heard HERE. The start of "The Happy Station Show" with Keith Perron and a Brazilian singer on 9 June may be heard HERE.

Initial reception report for an eQSL was emailed to verisigner V.G. A follow-up report for QSL card was mailed later. I received a prompt eQSL for the Nauen to North America transmission within an hour of submitting my reception report. Thank you, Victor. I admire your dedication to our hobby!!!

eQSL for PCJ Radio via Trincomalee
to South Asia and South East Asia
Postal address:
PCJ Radio International
8th Floor, Number 47, Lane 31,
Sanmin Road, Section 1,
Banciao, New Taipei City
Taiwan, 22070
Republic Of China



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