Friday, May 10, 2013

Radio Habana Cuba

Radio Habana Cuba was logged on 11 May 2013. At 23.50 UTC a programme of nice Latin American music was received, followed by "Hadio Habana Cuba..." ID at the 00.00 UTC, then a series of news commentary in Spanish up until 00.50 UTC. Reception on  17.705 kHz  was weak to poor at (SINPO) 24332 with clear and discernible speech despite mild signal flutter; reception was significantly degraded at 00.25 UTC to 14221 but audible in LSB mode. 

A sound file of this transmission at 00.30 UTC may be heard HERE

Reception report was emailed to RHC and submitted at their Facebook page.  QSL card arrived in the mail on 24 January 2014.



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