Thursday, March 14, 2013

Caribbean Beacon - University Network (via Anguilla)

Caribbean Beacon (University Network), transmitting from The Valley, Anguilla, was logged on 15 March 2013. Pastor Melissa Scott and a Bible discussion in English was monitored from 20.00 to 21.00 UTC. Reception on 11.775 kHz was (SINPO) 22332 -- weak signal strength but audible, despite strong interference from Radio Algerienne Holy Quran (via TDF - TéléDiffusion de France) in Issoudun, France. As grey-line between Asia and Caribbean approached and Radio Algerienne signed off at 21.00 UTC reception  improved to 24332.

Reception report was emailed to Doris Mussington at Caribbean Beacon on the following day. Previous attempts to QSL yielded the promise of a QSL, but no verification ever reached its destination. In late 2012, after contacting Caribbean Beacon again, I was informed their QSL cards had finished. This time around I have requested a Letter of Verification should a QSL card not be viable. 

Email: (server queue is full presently, thus RR failed delivery)

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  1. I remember when I logged their programme many years ago,I'm talking about around 11-years,when I sent my first RR to the address I waited quite long and after 6 month later I received a letter written by Mr.Gene Scott saying that his station doesn't verify reports from foreign listeners. So far so good I've never tried to listen to his station again.