Saturday, February 9, 2013

Radio Oriental (via Tena, Ecuador)

Radio Oriental, transmitting from Tena, Napo, Ecuador, was logged on  9 February 2013. Spanish language programming with Andean flute music and male announcer was observed from 11.15 to 11.45 UTC. Transmission was on 4.781 kHz. At 11.15 UTC a faint carrier was present. At 11.25 UTC as grey-line approached between Malaysia and Ecuador, reception improved to 24321 -- audio of Andean flute and talking from a male announcer faded in over a prominent carrier signal. At 11.30, QRM from CODAR blocked signal, although carrier and speech could be detected underneath. After 11.45 UTC only a weak carrier with occasional peaks of audio could be heard.

Letter of Verification
Reception report was posted with 5 Malaysian Ringgit on 13 February 2013. This QSL card, letter of verification and sticker arrived in the mail on 7 June 2013.

Radio Oriental
Sr. Luis Enrique Espín Espinoza
Casilla 260, 
Av Jumandi 536, 
Tena, Provincia de Napo, 

Letter of Verification, QSL card, sticker and envelope with Ecuadoran stamps

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