Monday, January 7, 2013

Radio Rebelde (via Habana)

Radio Rebelde, transmitting from Habana, Cuba, was logged on 7 January 2013. A Spanish language broadcast, mostly talk format, was monitored from 10.50 to 12.00 UTC on 5.025 kHz. Reception at 10.50 UTC was (SINPO) 25331 -- weak carrier signal detected with transmitter droning and slight fading amidst atmospheric noise. At 11.10 UTC faint audio of a male announcer with music clips between commentary was detected in SSB/LSB mode. Signal did not improve much after 11.30 UTC. A much weaker carrier could still be heard up until 13.00.

Reception report was emailed, posted and submitted on Facebook to Radio Rebelde. On 12 Januray 2013, I contacted their Facebook site, and they replied with a confirmation and promise of an eQSL in a few days.

Radio Rebelde commented: "Saludos, es correcto su reporte, pero necesitamos su correo electrónico para enviarle la tarjeta. En unos días se la enviamos por el correo electrónico de nuestra Redacción. Un abrazo desde Radio Rebelde." 

This eQSL arrived by email on 15 January 2013 after reminding them of the promised eQSL 


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  1. Strong reception in the morning time (05.00 UTC) here in France!
    Nice QSL : Bravo.