Sunday, January 13, 2013

KCBS Pyongyang (via Hamnung, North Korea)

Korean Central Broadcasting Station  (KCBS) Pyongyang, broadcasting  from a 5 kW transmitter site in Hamnung, Democratic People's Republic of Korea, was logged on  13 January 2013. A selection of uninterrupted classical orchestral and vocal music was monitored from 12.25 to 13.00 UTC. Transmission was observed on 3.220 kHz. Reception at 12.30 UTC was (SINPO)  25322 - weak but audible signal with atmospheric noise and long fades. By 12.45 UTC reception worsened to 15211 - very weak and barely audible between long fades and atmospheric noise. At 12.55 UTC only faint carrier with occasional audio heard between fading.

Reception report was posted to Korean Central Broadcasting Station  (KCBS) Pyongyang.

Korean Central Broadcasting Station  (KCBS) Pyongyang
Pyongyang, Democratic People's Republic of Korea

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