Saturday, December 22, 2012

Want a QSL from Voice of Pujiang?

Voice of Pujiang in Shanghai will now verify reception reports from listeners, after many years of not responding. Mr. (Victor) Qian Xiaoyan, an Editor for China Business News/Voice of Pujiang and avid DXer himself, wrote in a recent email to me  that he would personally confirm reception reports for the Voice of Pujiang, even those neglected reports that were submitted "several years ago".

Self-prepared eQSL
This is partially attributed to the Voice of Pujiang having long ago run out of QSL cards. Moreover, the station at present has no plan to print new cards. Despite this situation, Mr. Qian gave his assurance saying, "I will confirm  any reception report either through email or snail-mail with a QSL-letter. The snail-mail (reception report) will have an official seal." 

To obtain an eQSL for an emailed reception report, he has requested submissions be sent to: He will confirm it by email with full data, excluding the official seal.

For a reception report sent by snail-mail with an IRC or a dollar, he will confirm it with a full data QSL-letter and official seal. He went on to say, "The IRC or dollar is needed to cover  postage. If the listener sends an IRC, please do not fold it;  I prefer the IRC because the dollar is difficult to exchange here".

The postal address one should use when submitting their reception report is: 
Mr. Qian Xiaoyan
Floor 11, Radio Building
No.1376 Hongqiao Road
Changning District
Shanghai 200051

With regard to the current broadcast schedule for the Voice of Pujiang, Mr. Qian had this to say, "There is some mistake about the time and frequency of our station in the new WRTH 2013 (page 155)". 

He elaborated by providing the correct broadcast schedule for the Voice of Pujiang. On medium-wave, it is  22.00-16.00 UTC on 1422 kHz @ 20kW; on short-wave, transmission is 12.00-16.00 UTC on 3.280 kHz,  4.950 kHz and 5.075 kHz @ 15kW. The station may also be heard live on webradio / Internet at

In addition to being a radio enthusiast, Mr. Qian is also a "serious QSL collector". He invites listeners who possess  Chinese radio QSL cards before 1980s to scan their classic cards and email copies to him. 

For all enquiries regarding the Voice of Pujiang, PLEASE contact Mr. Qian. This is entirely his initiative, not mine. As a courtesy to a fellow DXer, I am merely passing along the information he shared with me.

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