Sunday, November 25, 2012

RTM - Sarawak FM (via Kuching)

RTM - Sarawak FM, transmitting from Kuching, Sarawak (East Malaysia), was logged on 1 November 2010. A broadcast of Malay pop tunes and Islamic progammes in Bahasa Malaysia was monitored on 5.030 kHz from 10.00 to 16.00 UTC.  Reception of this 10 kW transmitter was (SINPO) 45444 -- good signal strength  with slight atmospheric noise and fading throughout transmission, otherwise audio was good and clear.

Note: Sarawak FM is currently on 9.835 kHz, transmitting from Kajang, Selangor (West Malaysia) with Studio / HQ in Sarawak. Transmitter output is purportedly 100 kW.

Reception report was initially posted and emailed to Sarawak FM in November 2010. Follow-up emails were sent periodically in 2011 and 2012. Finally, after preparing an eQSL for the Station Manager at Sarawak FM to sign and stamp, I received a reply on 26 November 2012. There were at least three additional RTM - Sarawak FM personnel I contacted who eventually referred my eQSL to the "Senior Assistant Director of Engineering (Radio) Malaysian Department of Broadcasting, Sarawak". It is he (Mr. Zulkifli) who signed and stamped this eQSL. He replied from Kajang (the current transmitter site for Sarawak FM, which has a transmitter output power of 100kW). He also promised to post the eQSL and, I presume, their QSL card. 

Address. website and email is stated on the eQSL.

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