Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (Ekala)

All Asia Service of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC), transmitting from Ekala, was logged on 5 September 2012. I was asked in my previous communication with SLBC to listen for a "droning" sound from their 35 kW Collins transmitter. I tuned in and listened from 01.55 to 03.03 UTC on 15.745 kHz. Reception (SINPO) for much of the time monitored was 35333. I noticed some minor transmitter hum at 2.00 UTC which distorted speech slightly when the signal peaked. This was not so much of an issue as the fading and static. These latter two conditions are always prevalent when listening to SLBC on this frequency and at this time of morning in Malaysia. Despite these factors, audio quality was clear and audible; overall, I would rate SLBC's reception as fair.

Reception reported was submitted to SLBC shortly after their broadcast on 5 September 2012. This eQSL was received later in the evening.


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