Sunday, May 13, 2012

DX Antwerp (via Montsinery)

DX Antwerp via Montsinery, French Guiana was also heard on 12 May 2012 from 17.00  to  18.00  UTC. In a rebroadcast to the Americas on  21.680 kHz, reception (SINPO) in South East Asia was 25212 -- weak signal strength, occasional fading and severe atmospheric noise,  despite these factors, speech was faintly audible and clear at times

A reception report was emailed shortly after the broadcast. An eQSL arrived on the following day. A postcard size QSL arrived in the mail on 19 June 2012. In the upper right hand corner, the number "3" indicates the series of cards isued. According to Guido Schotmans of DX-Antwerp there were 168 QSLs issued.

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