Sunday, January 22, 2012

NetRadio Project (Internet Radio via possibly Haiti)

NetRadio Project, broadcasting on the Internet, was logged on 22 January 2012 (Malaysian time) during its  21 January 2012 "First Test Transmission".  Duration of test transmission clip was 1.37 minutes with visual of a bird. Birdsong and chirping under a female voiceover stating repeatedly in English: "This NetRadio Project. You are listening to the first test transmission. Thank you for listening to us.  Please write us at Send us a reception report. We will send you a QSL card. Keep listening in future."

Next test transmission is 28 February 2012

Reception report was sent and eQSL arrived within an hour of one another. Over 100 people heard the "test transmission", mostly in Germany, India, Japan, etc. Location remains a mystery, although its SoundCloud link lists the location as Haiti. 


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