Saturday, July 9, 2011

Xi Wang Zhi Sheng (Sound of Hope) -- Taiwan

Xi Wang Zhi Sheng (Sound of Hope), a clandestine station operating in Taichung, Taiwan, was received on 10 July 2011. It was monitored from 03.35 to 04.15  UTC (broadcast hours 21.00-17.00 UTC) on 17.920 kHz and 18.200 kHz. On 18.200 kHz signal (SINPO) at 03.35 UTC was 25422 -- when audible signal was very clear;  at 03.45 signal suddenly faded away and was barely audible. 0n 17.920 kHz signal (SINPO) at 04.00 UTC signal was 11211 -- audible reception with some attempts to jam transmission. Actually this station broadcasts on many frequencies outside the international short-wave broadcast bands and with transmitters purportedly no more than 100 watts, according to World Radio TV Handbook 2011.

Chinese language news and current events can usually be heard when it is not being jammed by the Peoples Republic of China. Rather than commonly used buzz saw jamming, you will hear continuous crash and bang music, otherwise known as "Firedragon" or "Firedrake" music. Typically it is traditional or folkloric Chinese music which is looped and played continuously during the broadcast. On this particular day, I briefly heard the station without the annoying jamming.

Reception report was submitted by post and email. QSL card was received on 29 July 2011.

Sound of Hope International
6-4, Lane 84
GuoTai Street, 
North District
Taichung 404 Taiwan (R.O.China)




  1. Hi from Italy. Now at 03:00 PM (21/04/2012) I listen Radio SOH Xi Wang Zhi Sheng at 17.450 Mhz with a signal of 3 and a poor radio sound...see you guys !!!

  2. Hi! Elena from Washington State here. I heard this station last night. Looked it up and found your blog!

  3. CLANDESTINA: Xi Wang Zhi Sheng (Sound of Hope) - 13530 kHz, lunes 27 de mayo, 14:45 UTC, SIO 454, Locutor en chino cantonés, transmitiendo desde Taiwan. Cerrando su emisión con ID a las 15:00 UTC. Equipo utilizado para la escucha: Icom R-75 con antena móvil.
    [Dino Bloise - Frecuencia Al Día - USA]

  4. Heard Chinese language station in Detroit, MI, USA, at 12:55 UTC, today on 11500 kHz. Off-air at 13:00 UTC, returned at 13:20 UTC. triple conversion Watley loop receiver with 80' horizontal dipole, E-W orientation SINPO 25534. (goggomobil)
    Very nice blog, thanks.

  5. Picked it up on 11580 KHz at 2050 USA CDT in northern Wisconsin. As it was off an 12' indoor di-pole made of scraps, naturally I was quite pleased. Signal was 2 by 4 for a few minutes before dropping to 1 by 3.

  6. Picked up this station on 2-20-17 at 02:00 UTC on 14.920, using a 1937 Zenith 12-S-265 fed by a 100' long-wire antenna in Hillsboro, Oregon. SS variable, 3-5 out of 9.