Friday, November 5, 2010

Damascus Radio -- Syria

Front of QSL card

Damascus Radio in Damascus, Syria was logged on 18 August 2010 at 21.00-22.00 UTC on 9.330 kHz.

Signal (SINPO) was 54545 -- strong and voice lightly audible due to  transmitter hum and slight fading; by 21.20 UTC signal was 32333 due to transmitter hum, static and fading which made speech difficult to understand.

One-hour English language programme comprised news and commentary on regional events as well as some Arabic music. 

Damascus Radio was contacted by mail and email. I was informed by email that the reception report had been been QSLed (see email below). QSL card finally received on 29 January 2011.

Back of QSL card
Dear Mr. Breyel,

Thank you very much for your kind letter as well as of course, for your reception report, and we do appreciiate your comments on the weak signal, which is good for our engineers to take care.

You say you haven't got the QSL Card, even though, we never neglect any of our listeners' request, it must be the mail.
I will make sure myself that you get it soon. Is the address below quite ok to send the card ?

Thanks a lot.

Rasheed Haidar
English Program Director
Syrian Radio & TV

Radio Damascus
P.O. Box 4702
Syrian Arab Republic


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