Saturday, April 23, 2011

WEWN (EWTN) -- Alabama, USA

WEWN (EWTN - Eternal Word Television Network) in Irondale, Alabama, USA was heard on 23 April 2011 and monitored between 10.30-11.57 UTC -- actual broadcast time is 10.00-11.57 UTC -- on 9.390 kHz. Programme format consisted of Catholic religious shows, frequent station IDs and station announcements.

Signal (SINPO) at 10.30 UTC was 14441 -- very weak and barely discernible speech, yet no apparent inference or fading;  at 11.15 UTC reception was 14341 -- still poor with increased QRN and indecipherable speech at times; from 11.30 UTC onward QRN  worsened.

Reception report was submitted by e-mail and mail. QSL card was received on 30 May 2011.

Radio Station WEWN
5817 Old Leeds Rd.
Irondale, Al. 35210-2164



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